Structured reflection

Examples of questions you can ask yourself are:

The agreement.

  1. How did I assess the zone of a possible agreement?
  2. Did I get a result that was closer to my reservation value than my goal?
  3. Was I able to create more value?

The Relationship.

  1. How was the relationship when the negotiation ended?
  2. How did the relationship change during the negotiation? Was there a particular incident that changed the emotional feeling in the room?

Your own behaviour.

  1. How well did I prepare before the negotiation?
  2. Did I try to get new information by asking questions during the negotiation?
  3. Did I listen actively?
  4. Was I clear and convincing with my demands and understanding?
  5. How did I handle the opening bid?
  6. How was the anchor effect handled?
  7. Did I start too high, too low or just right?
  8. Bargaining
  9. Did I make any one-sided concessions?
  10. Was I able to shift between different parameters in order to create more value?

Your negotiation attitude.

  1. How well did I try to understand the other party’s situation, interests, personal needs and internal table of negotiation?
  2. How did I handle situations that I felt were stressful and/or provocative?
  3. Was I able to behave in a constructive way or did the emotions take over?
  4. Did I react too much, too little, or did I react constructively?
  5. What assumptions did I have before the negotiation, and did I try to test them during the negotiation?
  6. Am I relieved that I managed to get a bit more than my reservation value or disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal?